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Rotary Tablet Press

ZPW125 Three-color Rotary Tablet Press

Elevate your tablet production with our advanced tablet press solutions.

ZPW125 Three-color Rotary Tablet Press

GMP-compliant design.

Wide range of tablet shapes.

PLC programmable control.

Step-less speed adjustment.

Mechanical and electrical integration.

Touch screen system.




The ZPW125 Three-color Rotary Tablet Press finds application in various industries, including pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, ceramic, electronic, and battery industries. It is designed to press different types of granular materials into tablets, offering versatility in tablet production.

3-color Rotary Tablet Press


  1. GMP-compliant design with stainless steel or zinc-plated parts.

  2. Versatile tablet shapes and multiple layers.

  3. PLC programmable control for efficient monitoring.

  4. Step-less speed adjustment with a wide range.

  5. Mechanical and electrical integration for easy operation.

  6. Touch screen system for convenient parameter settings.

The ZPW125 Three-color Rotary Tablet Press is a GMP-compliant machine designed with stainless steel or zinc-plated parts. It offers versatility in tablet shapes and allows for the production of multiple layers. The machine features PLC programmable control for efficient monitoring, step-less speed adjustment, and mechanical and electrical integration for easy operation. With a touch screen system, parameter settings become convenient and user-friendly.

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Number of StationsNumber of Stations253137
Tooling StandardTooling StandardDBBB
Max Main Pressure (KN)Max Main Pressure (KN)80
Max Tablet Diameter (mm)round tablet251813

irregular tablet251916
Max Filling Depth (mm)18
Max Tablet Thickness (mm)7
Max Turret Speed (r/min)203540
Max Production Capacity (pcs/h)300006510088800
Motor Power (kw)4
Overall Size (mm)1050*900*1880
Machine Weight (kg)2000

FAQ - Have any questions?

What is the production capacity of the ZPW125 Three-color Rotary Tablet Press?

The production capacity of the ZPW125 varies based on tablet specifications, typically ranging from 88800 tablets per hour.

Can the ZPW125 accommodate different colors in tablet production?

Yes, this machine is designed specifically to produce three-color tablets, offering flexibility in color combinations.

What are the primary features of the ZPW125 Three-color Rotary Tablet Press?

Key features include high precision in three-color tablet production, adjustable compression settings, a user-friendly interface, and a sturdy build for durability.

How user-friendly is the operation of the ZPW125?

The ZPW125 is equipped with an intuitive interface and straightforward controls, making it relatively easy to operate with minimal training.

What safety measures are integrated into the ZPW125 Model?

Safety features include emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and guards to prevent accidents during operation, ensuring a secure working environment.

Is the ZPW125 suitable for continuous production runs?

Yes, this machine is capable of extended and continuous production runs while maintaining consistent quality in three-color tablet production.

What materials can the ZPW125 handle for three-color tablet production?

The ZPW125 can process various materials including powders, granules, and mixtures used in pharmaceutical or similar industries.

How is the maintenance schedule for the ZPW125 Three-color Rotary Tablet Press?

The machine is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible parts and a maintenance schedule outlined in the user manual for optimal performance.

Does the ZPW125 offer customization options?

Yes, it can be customized to suit specific three-color tablet production requirements, allowing for tailored solutions based on individual needs.

What technical support is provided with the purchase of the ZPW125 Model?

Comprehensive technical support, including initial setup assistance, training, and ongoing troubleshooting guidance, is typically provided to ensure smooth operations.

Investment Return Analysis for ZPW125 Three-color Rotary Tablet Press

Expanding market demand: The pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, ceramic, electronic, and battery industries are witnessing continuous growth. This creates a favorable market environment for the ZPW125, as it caters to the pressing needs of various granular materials into tablets across multiple sectors.

Compliance with industry standards: The ZPW125 is designed to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements. Its separation of the tablet-pressing compartment from the driving mechanisms ensures pharmaceutical material purity, preventing contamination. This compliance enhances the machine's appeal to manufacturers aiming to meet regulatory standards and uphold product quality.

Diverse tablet production capabilities: The ZPW125 offers versatility in tablet shapes, including irregular, ring-shaped, and double-engraved tablets. It can also produce single, double, or even triple-layer tablets, catering to the diverse demands of customers. This flexibility allows manufacturers to meet a wide range of market preferences and potentially capture a larger customer base.

Advanced control systems: The adoption of a PLC programmable controller in the ZPW125 enables efficient monitoring and control of tablet pressing operations. This enhances production efficiency, reduces errors, and ensures consistent tablet quality. Manufacturers can benefit from improved productivity and reduced wastage, leading to potential cost savings and higher profitability.

Step-less speed adjustment: With the ZPW125's inverter-based speed adjustment system, manufacturers gain precise control over tablet production speed. The wide range of adjustable speeds accommodates varying production requirements, allowing for optimized efficiency and resource utilization. This capability contributes to potential cost savings and increased output.

Mechanical and electrical integration: The ZPW125's integration of mechanical and electrical functions simplifies operation and maintenance. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive touch screen system enable convenient parameter settings, reducing the learning curve for operators. This integration enhances overall productivity and minimizes downtime, positively impacting profitability.

Enhanced durability and reliability: The ZPW125 is built with durable materials and components, ensuring long-term performance and minimizing maintenance costs. Its corrosion-resistant and non-toxic construction, such as stainless steel or zinc-plated parts, contributes to its longevity. Manufacturers can rely on this machine for consistent and reliable tablet production, reducing the risk of operational disruptions and associated financial losses.

Industry applicability: The ZPW125's wide scope of application across multiple industries, including pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, ceramic, electronic, and battery industries, expands its market potential. Manufacturers can tap into various sectors, diversify their customer base, and potentially secure long-term contracts, contributing to sustained profitability.

In summary, investing in the ZPW125 Three-color Rotary Tablet Press offers a favorable investment return outlook. The expanding market demand, compliance with industry standards, diverse tablet production capabilities, advanced control systems, adjustable speed settings, mechanical and electrical integration, durability, and broad industry applicability combine to create opportunities for manufacturers to achieve increased productivity, cost savings, and profitability.

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