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Empowering pharmaceutical production with advanced machinery solutions for global impact.

Manufacture About NOAH

NOAH nestled in the culturally rich and historically significant ancient city of Yangzhou, occupies an expansive area spanning over 30,000+ square meters, with our production workshop spanning 20,000+ square meters. Our enterprise stands as a beacon of scientific and technological innovation, seamlessly integrating the development, manufacturing, and holistic services for pharmaceutical, food, and chemical machinery.


Floor space


Production Workshop Spanning


Long-Term Cooperation Between Countries

Embracing the ethos of continuous innovation

Embracing the ethos of continuous innovation, we forge dynamic partnerships with esteemed universities, fostering collaborative efforts to pioneer novel products. With a cadre of dozens  of seasoned technicians, our focus is on solid preparation production packaging line equipment. This includes stellar offerings such as tablet presses, blister packing machines, pulverizers,dryers, and more. Tailoring our products and automated production lines to diverse customer needs underscores our commitment.

Corporate Culture

At NOAH, integrity and dedication personify our ethos. Years of relentless effort and dedication have made our products synonymous with top-tier quality. We cherish our extensive domestic and international clientele, fostering enduring relationships across 60+ countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, among others.


Endowed with robust technical prowess and extensive production experience, we've earned accolades as a high-tech enterprise. Our adherence to ISO9001 quality systems, coupled with numerous patents and inventions accredited by national authorities, defines our dedication to excellence. Our GMP-compliant equipment, fortified by EU CE and SGS certifications, attests to our unwavering quality standards.

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Why do global companies trust Noah as a leading pharmaceutical machinery equipment manufacturer and supplier?

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Pharmaceutical lndustry

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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each customer and friend for their unwavering trust and support. Upholding our ethos of hard work, every customer is cherished with enthusiasm and care.

Industries We Work In

Pharmaceutical Industry

Used for manufacturing drugs, drug formulations, drug packaging, and labeling.

Healthcare Industry

Used in the production of medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and othermedical supplies.

Biotechnology Industry

Employed in the production and research of biological products, including biopharmaceuticals and genetically engineered products.

Chemical Industry

Used in the production process for synthesizing chemical substances and manufacturing chemical drugs.

Food and Beverage Industry

Used in the production of food and beverages for mixing, packaging, and handling materials.

Laboratories and Research Institutions

Used for conducting experiments, research, and developing new drugs or compounds.

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