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Rotary Tablet Press

ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press

Elevate your tablet production with our advanced tablet press solutions.

ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press

Design of GMP

High quality of all stainless steel constructions

Reliable safety sealing system and dust-proof system

High visibility isolated door to prevent cross-contamination

Easily remove parts for quick machine maintenance




Pharmaceutical Industry: The ZP5, ZP7, ZP9 Small Rotary Tablet Press is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of various shapes of tablets and plain tablets.

Chemical Industry: This tablet press can be applied in the chemical industry for manufacturing tablets with different chemical formulations.

Food Industry: The ZP5, ZP7, ZP9 press can also find application in the food industry for producing compressed food products in tablet form.

Electronic Industry: It can be utilized in the electronic industry for manufacturing specialized tablets used in electronic components or devices.

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GMP Design: The tablet press is designed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring compliance with quality standards and regulations.

Stainless Steel Construction: The machine is constructed using high-quality stainless steel, providing durability, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning.

Safety Sealing and Dust-proof System: It incorporates a reliable safety sealing system and dust-proof features, preventing contamination and ensuring product integrity.

High Visibility Isolated Door: The tablet press is equipped with a high visibility isolated door, minimizing cross-contamination risks and enhancing operator safety.

Easy Maintenance: The machine is designed for easy maintenance, with removable parts for quick and efficient cleaning and upkeep.

The ZP5, 7, 9 Small Rotary Tablet Press is a new generation product manufactured by our factory. It is a single roller continuous automatic tablet press capable of producing various shapes of tablets and plain tablets. The machine is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry, but it also finds applications in the chemical, food, and electronic industries.


This tablet press features a GMP design, ensuring compliance with quality standards. It is constructed with high-quality stainless steel, providing durability and easy maintenance. The machine incorporates a reliable safety sealing system and dust-proof features to maintain product integrity. It also includes a high-visibility isolated door to prevent cross-contamination and enhance operator safety. The removable parts facilitate quick maintenance and cleaning, ensuring efficient operation of the tablet press.

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Max.pressure (Kn)606060
Max. Dia . Of Tablet(mm)141313
Max. depth of filling (mm)151515
Max. Thickness of Tablet (mm)666
Production Capacity (pc/h)96001344017280
Power (kw)2.2
Overall size (L*W*H)(mm)600*960*1150
Net weight(kg)250

FAQ - Have any questions?

What is the production capacity of the ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press?

The production capacity varies based on the specific model (ZP5, ZP7, ZP9), typically ranging from 9600-17280 tablets per hour.

Can this machine produce tablets in different sizes and shapes?

Yes, the ZP5,7,9 series offers versatility, allowing production of tablets in various sizes and shapes to suit different pharmaceutical needs.

How precise is the tablet compression achieved by this press?

The ZP5,7,9 series ensures accurate tablet compression through its advanced mechanisms, maintaining uniformity and quality.

Does the ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press allow for customization of tablet imprints?

Absolutely, it offers adaptable tooling options, enabling customization of tablet imprints and designs as per specific requirements.

Is the ZP5,7,9 series compliant with industry standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing?

Yes, it strictly adheres to industry standards such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring high-quality and compliant production.

What types of pharmaceutical formulations can this press handle?

It's designed to handle various pharmaceutical formulations, making it suitable for different types of tablets.

Is the operation of the ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press user-friendly?

Yes, the machine is equipped with intuitive controls and interfaces, ensuring ease of operation for technicians and operators.

What safety features are integrated into this machine?

The ZP5,7,9 series includes comprehensive safety features ensuring operator safety throughout the operational process.

Does this machine come with technical support and training?

Yes, technical support and training are provided to ensure optimal operation and efficiency of the machine.

How durable is the ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press for continuous production cycles?

The ZP5,7,9 series is constructed with durable materials, ensuring reliability and stability even during continuous and demanding production schedules.

Investment Return Analysis: ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press


This analysis evaluates the potential return on investment (ROI) and financial prospects associated with acquiring the ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press within the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.


Market Demand Analysis:

The pharmaceutical industry consistently demands efficiently produced tablets due to escalating medication consumption globally.

Market trends indicate a need for versatile, small rotary tablet presses to meet diverse pharmaceutical production requirements.


Machine Features & Advantages:

Variable Production Capacity: The ZP5,7,9 series offers different models with varying production capacities, catering to various manufacturing scales.

Versatility in Tablet Production: Enables manufacturing tablets in different sizes and shapes, accommodating a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations.

Precision & Compliance: Ensures accurate tablet compression, adhering strictly to industry standards like Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Financial Analysis:

ROI Projection: Based on market demand and the machine's production capacity, a projected ROI indicates promising potential.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: A comparative assessment of initial investment costs against anticipated revenue streams suggests a favorable return outlook.


Competitive Advantage:

The ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press stands out for its versatility, compliance, and precision, providing a competitive edge in small-scale tablet production.

Adaptability to various pharmaceutical formulations contributes significantly to its market positioning.


Risk Assessment:

Market Dynamics: Potential shifts in pharmaceutical demands could influence the expected ROI.

Technological Upgrades: The need for upgrades due to rapid advancements may impact long-term costs.


Conclusion & Recommendation:

Investing in the ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press aligns with the demand for versatile, small-scale tablet manufacturing.

A comprehensive evaluation of market dynamics, compliance, and cost-benefit analysis suggests potential for favorable returns within the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.


In summary, the ZP5,7,9 Small Rotary Tablet Press represents a promising investment opportunity within the pharmaceutical industry, provided strategic evaluation, risk mitigation, and alignment with market demands are duly considered.

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