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ZPW55 Model Sub-high Speed Tablet Press

Elevate your tablet production with our advanced tablet press solutions.

ZPW55 Model Sub-high Speed Tablet Press

Durable stainless steel construction.

Clear glass doors and windows for easy observation and maintenance.

User-friendly control and adjustment sections.

Stable and reliable performance with stepless speed regulation.

Overload protection for machine and mold safety.

Efficient heat dissipation and extended lifespan with enclosed transmission system.

Clean production environment with dust suction device.

Capability to handle difficult-to-press materials with pre-pressing device.




The ZPW55 Model Sub-high Speed Tablet Press is an automatic rotation continuity tablet press with double pressing and double outlets. It is designed to produce round and irregular medical tablets, sugar candy, calcium tablets, and more by pressing granular materials. This machine finds extensive application in the pharmaceutical industry for large or small batch tablet production. Additionally, it is also suitable for use in the chemical, food, and electronics industries.

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  1. Stainless steel construction for durability and compliance with GMP requirements.

  2. Clear glass doors and windows for easy observation and maintenance.

  3. Well-organized control and adjustment sections for user-friendly operation.

  4. Stepless speed regulation for stable and reliable performance.

  5. Overload protection device for machine and mold safety.

  6. Enclosed transmission system for heat dissipation and extended lifespan.

  7. Dust suction device for a clean production environment.

  8. Pre-pressing device for difficult-to-press materials.

  9. Optional PLC and touchscreen control for convenience.

  10. Optional forced feeding device for enhanced efficiency.

The ZPW55 Model Sub-high Speed Tablet Press is a versatile machine designed for automated tablet production. With a stainless steel construction that meets GMP requirements, it ensures durability and prevents cross-contamination. The machine features clear glass doors and windows for easy observation and maintenance. The control and adjustment sections are well-organized, facilitating user-friendly operation. The stepless speed regulation ensures stable performance, while the overload protection device safeguards the machine and mold from damage. The enclosed transmission system allows for efficient heat dissipation and extends the machine's lifespan. Additionally, the dust suction device maintains a clean production environment, and the pre-pressing device handles difficult-to-press materials. Optional PLC and touch screen control provide convenience, and the forced feeding device enhances efficiency.

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Outer Dia. Of Middle die (mm)3630.1626
Max. Dia . Of Tablet(mm)201813
Max.Depth of Fill (mm)181919
Max.Pressure (KN)120100100
Max. Pre-compression Force (KN)202020
Turret Speed (rpm)203535
Main power7.5KW 380V 50Hz7.5KW 380V 50Hz7.5KW 380V 50Hz
Overall size (mm)1430×1120×18001430×1120×18001430×1120×1800
Weight (kg)300026002600

FAQ - Have any questions?

What is the maximum output capacity of the ZPW55 Model Tablet Press?

The ZPW55 Model Tablet Press boasts a maximum output capacity of 220000 tablets per hour, depending on the specifics of the tablets being produced.

Can the ZPW55 accommodate various tablet sizes and shapes?

Yes, this model is designed to handle a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes through interchangeable tooling and adjustable settings.

What are the key features of the ZPW55 Sub-high Speed Tablet Press?

Key features include high-speed operation, precise tablet production, adjustable compression settings, user-friendly interface, and a robust build for durability.

How user-friendly is the operation of the ZPW55?

The ZPW55 is equipped with an intuitive interface and straightforward controls, making it relatively easy to operate with minimal training.

What safety measures are integrated into the ZPW55 Model?

Safety features include emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and guards to prevent accidents during operation, ensuring a secure working environment.

Is the ZPW55 suitable for continuous production runs?

Yes, the machine is capable of extended and continuous production runs while maintaining consistent quality.

What materials can the ZPW55 handle for tablet production?

This tablet press can process various materials including powders, granules, and mixtures used in pharmaceutical or similar industries.

How is the maintenance schedule for the ZPW55 Sub-high Speed Tablet Press?

The machine is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible parts and a maintenance schedule outlined in the user manual for optimal performance.

Does the ZPW55 offer customization options?

Yes, it can be customized to suit specific production requirements, allowing for tailored solutions based on individual needs.

What technical support is provided with the purchase of the ZPW55 Model?

Comprehensive technical support, including initial setup assistance, training, and ongoing troubleshooting guidance, is typically provided to ensure smooth operations.

Investment Return Analysis: Growth Prospects for ZPW55 Model Sub-high Speed Tablet Press

Market Potential:

High Demand: The market demands high-speed and precise tablet production machinery due to increased pharmaceutical and nutraceutical needs, offering a promising market for the ZPW55 Model.

Industry Expansion: The pharmaceutical industry's continual growth and need for efficient tablet production equipment contribute to the machine's potential demand.


Competitive Advantage:

Speed and Precision: The ZPW55's high-speed operation and precision in tablet production offer a competitive edge over slower or less accurate models.

Customizability: Its ability to accommodate various tablet sizes and shapes caters to diverse market needs, enhancing its market appeal.


Technological Advancements:

Innovation Potential: Future technological upgrades or enhancements could further boost productivity and efficiency, keeping the machine competitive.

R&D Investment: Continued research and development efforts may lead to improved functionalities and increased market competitiveness.


Regulatory Compliance:

Quality Standards: The ZPW55 complies with industry regulations, ensuring product quality and meeting stringent manufacturing standards, bolstering its credibility.

Adaptability: Its adaptability to changing regulatory requirements ensures long-term market relevance and compliance.



The ZPW55 Model Sub-high Speed Tablet Press holds significant growth potential in a burgeoning pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Investing in this high-speed and precise tablet press positions businesses to capitalize on the expanding demand for efficient tablet production machinery.

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