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Rotary Tablet Press

ZPW21 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Elevate your tablet production with our advanced tablet press solutions.

ZPW21 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Versatile tablet production.

Adjustable filling depth and tablet thickness.

Controlled tablet pressing pressure.

Pressure gauge and overload protection.

GMP-compliant design.

Stainless steel construction.

Improved version available.

Efficient production.





The ZPW21 Rotary Tablet Press Machine is designed to press tablets from various granular materials. It is suitable for use in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food for tablet production.

Tablet Compression Press


  1. Versatile tablet production: Capable of pressing various tablet shapes, including round, geometrical, double-layered, and annular tablets.

  2. Adjustable filling depth and tablet thickness: Allows easy customization of the filling depth and tablet thickness.

  3. Hydraulic drive system: Provides controlled and consistent tablet pressing pressure.

  4. Pressure gauge and overload protection: Includes a pressure gauge for monitoring and an overload protection unit to prevent damage.

  5. GMP-compliant design: Meets GMP standards with improved features for cleanliness and isolation.

  6. Stainless steel construction: Parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel or specially treated to prevent contamination.

The ZPW21 Rotary Tablet Press Machine is specifically designed to produce tablets from a variety of granular materials. It can create round tablets, as well as tablets with different geometrical shapes, double-layered tablets, and annular tablets. The machine is equipped with 21 sets of movable punches and dies, allowing for the pressing of 21 tablets per revolution of the turret.

The depth of the filling material and the thickness of the tablets can be easily adjusted during operation. Tablet pressing pressure is controlled by a hydraulic drive system, and a pressure gauge is included to display the pressure value. To ensure the safety of the machine, an overload protection unit is integrated to prevent damage to the punches and apparatus in case of overload.

The ZPW21A and ZPW21B models are improved versions of the ZPW21, designed to meet GMP standards. The pressing area of these models is sealed with four polymethyl methacrylate doors, providing isolation from the outside environment. Additionally, parts that come into contact with the material are made of stainless steel or have a specially treated surface to prevent contamination and ensure

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Main Technical Data

Max.Dia of Tablet25mm30mm
Max.Depth of Fill18mm29mm
Max.Thickness of Tablet8mm14mm
Turret Speed39 r/min25 r/min
Production Capacity55000-90000 pc/h45000-63000pc/h
Overall Size1200*1000*1600mm1200*1000*1600mm
Net Weight1800kg1800kg
Max.Dia of Tablet20mm
Max.Depth of Fill18mm
Max.Thickness of Tablet9mm
Turret Speed37 r/min
Production Capacity15000-45000 pc/h
Motor3kw 1440 r/min 380/50V/Hz
Overall Size900*840*1640mm
Net Weight1200kg

FAQ - Have any questions?

What is the maximum output capacity of the ZPW21 Rotary Tablet Press Machine?

The maximum output capacity of the ZPW21 varies depending on the size and characteristics of the tablets being produced. However, it can typically range from 55000 to 63000 tablets per hour.

What are the key features of the ZPW21 Rotary Tablet Press Machine?

The ZPW21 boasts features such as high precision in tablet production, adjustable pressure, a user-friendly interface, and a robust design for durability.

Can the ZPW21 accommodate different tablet sizes and shapes?

Yes, the ZPW21 is designed to accommodate various sizes and shapes of tablets by utilizing interchangeable tooling and settings adjustment.

How is the cleaning and maintenance process for the ZPW21?

The machine is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, with accessible parts and a streamlined process outlined in the user manual.

What safety measures are integrated into the ZPW21 Rotary Tablet Press Machine?

Safety features include emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and guards to prevent accidents during operation.

Does the ZPW21 offer any customization options?

Yes, it can be customized to suit specific production requirements, such as specialized tooling or additional features upon request.

What is the power requirement for operating the ZPW21?

The power requirement typically ranges from X volts to Y volts, depending on the specific model and configuration.

Can the ZPW21 handle sensitive or difficult-to-press materials?

Yes, the machine is engineered to handle a wide range of materials, including those that are sensitive or challenging to compress.

What technical support or training is provided with the purchase of the ZPW21?

Typically, comprehensive technical support and training are offered to ensure proper setup, operation, and troubleshooting.

Is the ZPW21 compliant with industry standards and regulations?

Yes, the machine is manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards and regulatory requirements regarding safety, quality, and performance.

Investment Return Analysis for ZPW21 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Operational Costs:

Raw Materials: The ongoing cost will depend on the raw materials used for tablet production.

Labor: Labor costs associated with operating the machine and overseeing production.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance and occasional repairs might constitute a portion of operational expenses.

Energy Consumption: Electricity or power requirements for machine operation.


Revenue Generation:

Production Capacity: The machine can produce [insert number] tablets per hour.

Market Demand: Analyze the market demand for the specific types/sizes of tablets produced by the ZPW21.

Pricing Strategy: Determine the selling price per tablet.


Return on Investment (ROI) Calculation:

Annual Revenue: Calculate the potential revenue based on production capacity, market demand, and pricing.

Annual Operating Expenses: Sum up raw material, labor, maintenance, and energy costs for a year.

Net Profit: Deduct annual operating expenses from annual revenue.

ROI: Divide the net profit by the initial investment and multiply by 100 to get the ROI percentage.


Additional Considerations:

Market Growth: Assess the potential growth of the market for tablets produced by this machine.

Competitive Analysis: Consider the competition and market positioning for your produced tablets.

Regulatory Factors: Ensure compliance with industry regulations to avoid fines or setbacks.

Technology Advancements: Factor in any future upgrades or technological advancements that may enhance productivity or reduce operational costs.



The ZPW21 Rotary Tablet Press Machine offers the potential for a solid return on investment due to its high production capacity, adaptability to different tablet types, and customizable features. However, thorough market research, efficient operational management, and strategic pricing are vital for maximizing returns.

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