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Blister Packing Machine

DPH-320 High-speed Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine

Experience seamless and efficient packaging with our high-performance blister packing machine, delivering secure and professional packaging solutions for a wide range of products.

DPH-320 High-speed Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine

Precise control and low noise operation.

Fast production speed for high volumes.

Stable performance and reliability.

Convenient mold replacement.

Versatile for packaging various products.

GMP-compliant design.

Supports different blister packaging materials.

Compact size and easy operation.


Alu blister pack


The DPH320 High-speed Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine is specifically designed for automated and efficient production of pharmaceutical, food, and similar product packaging. It is suitable for packaging medicines (tablets, capsules, gelatin capsules, various shaped tablets), as well as food and other items requiring reliable sealing.

Alu blister pack machine


The DPH320 machine utilizes multi-servo traction for precise control and low noise operation. It offers fast production speed, stable performance, and convenient mold replacement. The machine is designed to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards.

The DPH320 High-speed Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine is a state-of-the-art equipment designed for automated and efficient packaging production. It caters to the needs of pharmaceutical, food, and similar industries. The machine features multi-servo traction for accurate and efficient packaging, reducing errors and maintaining product integrity. With its high-speed operation, it maximizes production output and meets high-volume packaging demands. Each module of the machine is designed for stable performance, ensuring reliability and consistency throughout the packaging process. The user-friendly design allows for convenient mold replacement, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The DPH320 machine is versatile and suitable for packaging various products, including medicines and food items. It adheres to GMP requirements, ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety, and compliance. Overall, the DPH320 provides exceptional performance and efficiency for automated packaging production, meeting the demands of high-volume environments.

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Alu blister pack
 blister packing
Alu blister pack
Alu blister pack
 blister packing
 blister packing


Designed maximum production capacity (punch times/min)30-150
Maximum wire speed of packing material (M/min)20
Maximum forming depth (mm)12
Maximum forming area (width X feed) (mm2)320X250
Maximum width of packaging material320
Maximum feeding length (mm)260
Maximum punching length (mm)120
PowerPower supply: AC380V / three phase / 50HzPower consumption: 18kw / h
Gas sourcePressure: 0.6 MPaAir consumption: <12 M³/h
Water sourceTemperature: 15-18 ° CWater consumption: <0.08  M³/h
Dimensions (excluding feeder, length X width X height) (mm3)3964X1235X1725
Weight (kg)About 3000

FAQ - Have any questions?

What is the maximum production speed of the DPH320 High-speed Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine?

The DPH320 machine is capable of reaching a maximum production speed of 320 blisters per minute.

What are the main applications of the DPH320 High-speed Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine?

The DPH320 machine is commonly used for packaging pharmaceutical products, such as tablets, capsules, and other solid dosage forms.

Can the DPH320 machine handle different blister sizes?

Yes, the DPH320 machine is designed to accommodate a range of blister sizes, allowing for flexibility in packaging various products.

Does the DPH320 machine support both cold forming and thermoforming?

Yes, the DPH320 machine supports both cold forming and thermoforming processes, providing versatility for different packaging requirements.

What is the maximum forming depth that the DPH320 machine can achieve?

The DPH320 machine can achieve a maximum forming depth of up to 25mm, depending on the specific product and packaging configuration.

Does the DPH320 machine offer automatic feeding and discharge functions?

Yes, the DPH320 machine is equipped with automatic feeding and discharge systems, which help streamline the packaging process and improve efficiency.

Can the DPH320 machine handle different types of blister materials?

Yes, the DPH320 machine is compatible with various blister materials such as PVC, PVDC, and Aclar, ensuring compatibility with different packaging requirements.

What are the control options available for the DPH320 machine?

The DPH320 machine offers a user-friendly interface with a touch screen control panel, allowing operators to easily adjust settings and monitor operations.

Is the DPH320 machine equipped with quality inspection features?

Yes, the DPH320 machine can be equipped with optional quality inspection systems, such as vision inspection or rejection mechanisms, to ensure packaging integrity.

Can the DPH320 machine be integrated into existing packaging lines?

Yes, the DPH320 machine is designed for easy integration into existing packaging lines, making it convenient for manufacturers to incorporate it into their production processes.

Investment Return Analysis for DPH320 High-speed Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine:

Investing in the DPH320 High-speed Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine offers favorable prospects for growth and potential investment returns. Here's an analysis of the investment return based on key factors:


Growing Pharmaceutical Packaging Market: The pharmaceutical packaging market is experiencing steady growth globally. The DPH320 High-speed Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine caters to this demand by providing efficient blister packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products. The expanding market for pharmaceuticals presents significant growth opportunities for the machine, positively impacting investment returns.


High-speed and Efficient Operation: The DPH320 machine is specifically designed for high-speed operation, ensuring efficient production. Its advanced automation capabilities optimize the blister packaging process, resulting in increased productivity and reduced labor costs. The machine's ability to handle high volumes of production contributes to higher throughput and improved profitability, positively impacting investment returns.


Versatile Packaging Capabilities: The DPH320 machine offers versatility in packaging various products, including tablets, capsules, and other solid dosage forms. Its flexibility in handling different sizes and shapes enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet diverse product requirements. This versatility allows for a wide customer base, enhancing market penetration and investment returns.


Superior Packaging Quality: The DPH320 machine ensures the quality and integrity of blister packaging. It incorporates precise temperature and pressure control, ensuring airtight and tamper-evident packaging. The machine's ability to maintain product integrity, protect against moisture and contamination, and provide secure packaging enhances customer satisfaction and market demand, positively impacting investment returns.


Compliance with Regulatory Standards: The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and adherence to strict packaging standards is crucial. The DPH320 machine complies with international packaging regulations, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Quality Control (QC) requirements. Its ability to meet regulatory standards enhances its market reputation and positions it as a reliable choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers, positively impacting investment returns.


Integration with Existing Production Lines: The DPH320 machine can be seamlessly integrated into existing pharmaceutical production lines. Its compatibility with other equipment, such as blister feeders and cartoning machines, streamlines the packaging process and optimizes overall operational efficiency. This integration capability improves productivity, reduces downtime, and contributes to the investment return.


Technological Advancements and Upgrades: The packaging industry continually evolves with advancements in automation, software integration, and quality control. The DPH320 machine can leverage these technological advancements to stay competitive and meet evolving customer needs. Regular upgrades and improvements in the machine's capabilities ensure its long-term value and optimize investment returns.


After-sales Service and Support: Reliable after-sales service and support are essential for maximizing investment returns. Manufacturers typically provide installation assistance, training, and ongoing technical support for the DPH320 machine. A robust support system ensures smooth operation, minimizes downtime, and enhances customer satisfaction, contributing to the overall investment return.


Return on Investment (ROI): The DPH320 High-speed Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine has the potential to generate a significant return on investment. Factors such as market demand, pricing strategy, operational costs, maintenance, and market penetration will influence the exact ROI. Conducting a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, considering these factors and projecting sales and operational expenses, will provide valuable insights for optimizing the investment return.


Competitive Advantage: By investing in the DPH320 machine, businesses can gain a competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical packaging market. Its high-speed operation, versatility, superior packaging quality, compliance with regulations, and integration capabilities position the investment as a strategic move to differentiate from competitors, capture a larger market share, and achieve higher investment returns.


To further enhance the investment return, it is advisable to engage with NOAH, and conduct thorough market research to understand market dynamics, competitive landscape, and emerging trends in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Additionally, staying updated with regulatory requirements and maintaining compliance will contribute to the long-term success and profitability of the investment

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