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Blister Packing Machine

DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine

Experience seamless and efficient packaging with our high-performance blister packing machine, delivering secure and professional packaging solutions for a wide range of products.

DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine

Exceptionally high productivity.

Combination of flat and roller blister packing.

Special tablet feeder for efficiency.

Easy mold replacement for flexibility.

High yield rate, minimal waste.

Adaptability to various product shapes.

Reliable and stable operation.

Versatile application in multiple industries.


 blister packing


The DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine is designed for blister packaging in pharmaceutical, food, medical device, health product, and electronic component industries. It accommodates tablets, capsules, and other materials requiring precise packaging.

Roller plate blister packing machine


The DPH-360 machine offers enhanced productivity, combining the advantages of flat and roller blister packing. It incorporates a special tablet feeder for high punching frequency and reduced energy consumption. Mould replacement is easy, enabling smooth transitions between different product specifications. The machine ensures a high yield rate, minimizing waste and optimizing resource utilization. It adapts to various shapes and sizes, providing flexibility for packaging different products.

The DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine is a specialized and highly productive equipment designed for efficient blister packaging. It combines the advantages of flat and roller blister packing technologies to deliver improved performance and versatility. With a special tablet feeder and easy mold replacement, it ensures high punching frequency, stability, and energy efficiency. The machine accommodates various product shapes and sizes, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing waste. Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, medical device, and electronic component industries, the DPH-360 offers exceptional reliability and productivity for precise blister packaging needs.

Finished Product Display

 blister packing
 blister packing
 blister packing
 blister packing


Cutting speed (aluminum-plastic)40-180 times/min
Production capacity14400-43200 strips/h
Range for feeding trips40-240 mm
Maximum forming area360×240mm
Maximum forming depth12mm
Forming the upper and lower heating power4KW(×2)
Heat sealing heating power4KW
Servo motor power(See the key components for details)
Power supply and total powerThree phase five wire 380V 50HZ  25KW
Gas pump volume flow≥0.6m3/min
Pack materialMedicinal use PVC0.25×360mm
Aluminum foil PTP0.02×360mm
Form size of the whole machine(L×W×H)4500×1200×1800mm(Standard machine)
Complete machine packaging size(L×W×H)4900×1500×2100mm
The weight of the machine3800Kg

FAQ - Have any questions?

What is the maximum output speed of the DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine?

The maximum output speed of the DPH-360 is [insert speed] blisters per minute.

What types of products can be packaged using the DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine?

The DPH-360 can package a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, food items, medical devices, and consumer goods.

What is the material used for forming blisters in the DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine?

The machine utilizes PVC, PVDC, or other suitable materials for forming blisters.

Can the DPH-360 handle different blister sizes and shapes?

Yes, the DPH-360 is designed to accommodate various blister sizes and shapes, offering flexibility for different packaging requirements.

Does the machine have a mechanism for detecting and rejecting defective blisters?

Yes, the DPH-360 is equipped with sensors and mechanisms to detect and reject defective blisters during the packaging process.

What is the power supply requirement for the DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine?

The machine typically requires [insert power supply requirement] for optimal operation.

Is the DPH-360 easy to operate and adjust for different packaging needs?

Yes, the DPH-360 features user-friendly controls and allows for easy adjustment of settings, making it convenient to operate and adapt to varying packaging requirements.

Can the DPH-360 integrate with other packaging equipment in a production line?

Yes, the DPH-360 can be seamlessly integrated with other packaging equipment to create a complete and efficient production line.

What safety features does the DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine have?

The machine is equipped with safety guards, emergency stop buttons, and other safety features to ensure operator safety during operation.

Does the DPH-360 come with after-sales support and warranty?

Yes, our company provides comprehensive after-sales support and offers a warranty for the DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine. Please contact our customer service for more details.

Investment Return Analysis for the DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine:

The DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine presents a promising investment opportunity with its strong growth prospects in the packaging industry. Here is an investment return analysis highlighting the potential returns and benefits:


Market Demand: The global demand for blister packaging is on the rise, driven by industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and consumer goods. The DPH-360 caters to this growing market demand, positioning it for sustained business opportunities.


Increased Efficiency: The DPH-360 offers high-speed production and precise blister packaging capabilities. By streamlining the packaging process, it improves operational efficiency, reduces labor costs, and increases overall productivity.


Diversification of Product Range: The machine's flexibility in handling various blister sizes and shapes allows for diversification of products that can be packaged. This versatility expands the potential customer base and revenue streams.


Competitive Advantage: The DPH-360 is equipped with advanced features, such as blister detection and rejection mechanisms, ensuring the delivery of high-quality packaged products. This competitive advantage attracts customers seeking reliable and efficient packaging solutions.


Cost Savings: The DPH-360 optimizes material usage, reducing waste and lowering packaging costs. Its energy-efficient design also contributes to cost savings in the long run.


Long-Term Durability: The machine is built with robust construction and adheres to national standards, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. This minimizes maintenance and replacement costs, resulting in improved profitability.


After-Sales Support: Investing in the DPH-360 comes with comprehensive after-sales support and warranty, providing peace of mind and minimizing potential risks associated with maintenance and servicing.


Scalability: As the business expands, the DPH-360 can be integrated with other packaging equipment, creating a complete and efficient production line. This scalability allows for future growth and increased profitability.


Considering the strong market demand, operational efficiency, cost savings, and competitive advantages, investing in the DPH-360 Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine presents a favorable return on investment. It not only generates immediate returns through increased productivity but also offers long-term growth potential in the dynamic packaging industry.

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