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Drying Machine

RXH Series Warm Air Cycle Oven

Efficiently remove moisture and accelerate drying processes with our cutting-edge drying machine, ensuring optimal product quality and productivity.

RXH Series Warm Air Cycle Oven

Versatile drying solution for various industries.

Multiple heat source options for flexibility.

Adjustable temperature range for precise control.

Equipped with a computer control system.

Energy-efficient operation.

Wide range of steam pressure compatibility.

Interchangeable oven plates for customization.

Ample space for efficient drying.


Warm Air Cycle Oven


The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven is suitable for heating, solidification, drying, and dehydrating of various raw materials in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foodstuffs, agricultural products, aquatic products, light industry, and heavy industry. It can effectively process medicines, Chinese traditional medicines, tablets, powders, granules, packaging bottles, pigments, dyes, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits, plastics, and more.

Hot Air Circulation Oven


Multiple Heat Sources: The oven can be operated with various heat sources, including steam, electricity, and more, providing flexibility to the consumer.

Adjustable Temperature Range: With steam heating, the temperature range is 50-150°C, while with electric and far-infrared heaters, it extends from 50-350°C.

Equipped with Computer Control System: The oven is equipped with a computer control system for precise temperature and humidity regulation.

Wide Range of Steam Pressure: It operates with a steam pressure range of 0.02-0.8MPa (0.2-8kg/cm2).

Energy Efficiency: Electric heated power is 15KW, with a consumption rate of 5-8kW/h per liter.

Customization: Special requirements can be accommodated upon request.

Temperature Flexibility: The oven can handle temperatures below 60°C or above 140°C, depending on specific needs.

Interchangeable Oven Plates: The oven and plate sizes are standardized, allowing for easy interchangeability.

Oven Plate Size: The oven plate measures 46064050mm, providing ample space for material drying.

The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven is a reliable and efficient drying and dehydrating equipment utilized in various industries. It utilizes steam or electric heating air to create a cycling dry environment, maintaining precise temperature and humidity levels. With its versatility and wide range of applications, it is suitable for processing a diverse range of materials. The oven features multiple heat sources, adjustable temperature ranges, and is equipped with a computer control system for accurate regulation. It offers energy efficiency, customization options, and the flexibility to handle different temperature requirements. The oven plates are standardized, allowing for easy interchangeability, and provide ample space for material drying.

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Hot Air Circulation Oven

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Dry quantity
Power KW0.450.450.9 1.51.35 2.251.8 3.0
Used steam kg/h518365472
Wind power stere/h3400340069001035013800
Temperature difference-2 – +2-2 – +2-2 – +2-2 – +2-2 – +2
Oven plate244896144192
Size (L*W*H) mm1550*1000*20442300*1200*23002300*2200*23002300*3220*20004460*2200*2290
RemarksSingle door
Single dolly
Double doors Double dollysDouble doors
four dollys
Double doors
Six dollys
Four doors
Eight doors

FAQ - Have any questions?

What is the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven?

The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven is a specialized drying equipment used in various industries to remove moisture or heat-treat products using warm air circulation. It provides a controlled and efficient drying environment for different materials.

How does the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven work?

The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven operates by circulating warm air throughout its chamber, creating a consistent temperature and airflow. The heated air effectively removes moisture from the materials placed inside the oven, facilitating the drying or heat treatment process.

What are the key features of the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven?

The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven features precise temperature control, uniform airflow distribution, adjustable drying parameters, a reliable heating system, and a user-friendly control panel. These features ensure optimal drying performance and ease of operation.

What types of materials can be dried using the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven?

The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven is suitable for drying a wide range of materials, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food products, herbal extracts, powders, granules, and electronic components. It can accommodate different shapes, sizes, and moisture content levels.

What are the advantages of using the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven?

The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven offers several advantages, including efficient and uniform drying, shorter drying times, preservation of product quality, energy-saving operation, adjustable drying parameters, and ease of maintenance. These benefits contribute to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Can the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven be customized for specific drying requirements?

Yes, the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven can be customized to meet specific drying requirements. Customization options may include chamber size, temperature range, airflow pattern, control system features, and additional safety measures. This ensures the oven can effectively meet the unique needs of different industries and applications.

What safety features does the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven have?

The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven is equipped with safety features such as temperature and airflow monitoring, overheat protection, emergency stop buttons, and door interlocks. These features ensure safe operation and protect both the equipment and operators from potential risks.

Is the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. It typically features removable trays or shelves, easy access to the internal chamber, and smooth surfaces that facilitate cleaning. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters and inspecting electrical connections, ensures optimal performance and extends the oven's lifespan.

Can the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes, the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines. It can be connected to other equipment such as conveyor systems, filling machines, or packaging lines, allowing for continuous and efficient production processes.

How can I obtain technical support and spare parts for the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven?

Technical support and spare parts for the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven can be obtained by contacting NOAH(yznoah@noah-pm.com). We will provide the necessary assistance, troubleshooting, and supply of genuine spare parts to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the equipment.

Investment Return Analysis for RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven:

Growing Demand for Drying Equipment: The global market for drying equipment is witnessing steady growth across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, and electronics. The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven, with its efficient drying capabilities, is well-positioned to capitalize on this increasing demand, making it a promising investment opportunity.


Advancements in Industry Technologies: Technological advancements in drying processes and equipment are driving the demand for more efficient and precise drying solutions. The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven incorporates advanced features such as precise temperature control, uniform airflow distribution, and adjustable drying parameters, making it a competitive choice for industries seeking cutting-edge drying technology.


Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven is designed to provide energy-efficient drying processes, reducing operational costs for businesses. Its optimized heating system, precise temperature control, and airflow management contribute to energy savings and cost-effectiveness. This feature appeals to industries looking to minimize energy consumption and improve their bottom line, leading to attractive investment returns.


Customization and Adaptability: The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven offers customization options to meet specific drying requirements of different industries. It can be tailored in terms of chamber size, temperature range, airflow patterns, and control system features. This flexibility allows the oven to accommodate a wide range of materials and applications, attracting a diverse customer base and increasing investment returns.


Compliance with Industry Standards: The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven is designed and manufactured to meet industry standards and regulations such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the pharmaceutical industry. Its compliance ensures that customers can maintain product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance. This feature enhances market acceptance and attracts quality-conscious customers, positively impacting investment returns.


After-Sales Service and Support: Providing comprehensive after-sales service, technical support, and maintenance assistance is crucial for customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. Offering a reliable support network, prompt troubleshooting, and readily available spare parts ensures customer loyalty and minimizes downtime, contributing to favorable investment returns.


Market Penetration Opportunities: The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven can explore market penetration opportunities by targeting emerging industries and geographical regions. Rapid industrialization, increasing manufacturing activities, and evolving regulations in regions like Asia-Pacific and Latin America create avenues for market expansion. Investing in these markets can lead to increased market share and improved investment returns.


Collaboration and Partnerships: Collaborating with industry partners, research institutions, and key customers can foster innovation, expand market reach, and provide access to new technologies and applications. Strategic partnerships can enhance the visibility and competitiveness of the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven, leading to increased sales and investment returns.


Industry Growth Potential: The demand for efficient drying equipment is expected to grow as industries continue to advance and prioritize optimized manufacturing processes. By investing in the RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven, investors can capitalize on this industry growth and benefit from the increasing demand for reliable and efficient drying solutions.


Return on Investment (ROI): The RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven, with its competitive features, growing market demand, and potential for market expansion, presents a favorable ROI outlook. By considering the initial investment cost, operational savings, market growth, and product lifespan, investors can assess the potential return on investment and make informed decisions.


Note: This investment return analysis provides a general outlook based on available information. Conducting a comprehensive financial analysis, considering market conditions, and evaluating specific investment factors are crucial before making any investment decisions.

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