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FL Fluid-bed Granulator Line

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In this customer case study, we explore the successful implementation of the FL Fluid-bed Granulator Line for a company in the manufacturing industry. We will examine the background challenges faced by the customer, their requirements for a granulation solution, and how the FL Fluid-bed Granulator Line provided an effective solution.


The customer, a leading manufacturer, identified the need to optimize their granulation processes to improve efficiency and product quality.

Challenges Faced:

The company faced challenges with their existing granulation methods, which were time-consuming and resulted in inconsistent granule properties. They needed a solution that could enhance process efficiency and ensure uniform granule formation.


The implementation of the FL Fluid-bed Granulator Line successfully addressed the customer's granulation challenges. By improving process efficiency, ensuring consistent granule properties, and providing versatility, the granulator line significantly enhanced productivity and product quality. The customer's ability to meet production demands and deliver high-quality granulated products was greatly improved. The FL Fluid-bed Granulator Line remains a vital component in their manufacturing processes, driving their success in the industry.


The customer had specific requirements for their granulation solution. They needed a system that could improve process efficiency, provide consistent granule properties, and offer versatility to accommodate different batch sizes and formulations.


To address these challenges, the customer implemented the FL Fluid-bed Granulator Line. This advanced granulation system provided the following solutions:

Enhanced Process Efficiency:

The FL Fluid-bed Granulator Line significantly improved process efficiency by utilizing fluidization technology. It enabled faster drying and granulation, reducing overall processing time and increasing productivity.

Consistent Granule Properties:

The granulator line ensured uniform granule formation by precisely controlling process parameters such as airflow, temperature, and spraying rate. This resulted in consistent granule properties, including size, density, and moisture content.

Versatility and Adaptability:

The FL Fluid-bed Granulator Line offered the customer versatility to handle different batch sizes and formulations. It allowed for easy adjustment of process parameters to accommodate various product requirements, ensuring flexibility in production.

FL Fluid-bed Granulator Line

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