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HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer

Discover the perfect blend of efficiency and versatility with our powder mixer, ensuring homogeneous mixing of powders for a wide range of industries and applications.

HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer

Versatile application across industries.

Superior blending with multi-directional movement.

No dead corners for thorough mixing and easy discharge.

Polished surfaces for effortless cleaning.

Enclosed design prevents contamination.

Enhanced mixing uniformity.

Efficient material flow and diffusion.

Durable stainless steel construction.




HD series Multi-directional Movement Mixer is a novel material mixing machine widely applicable to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, and light industry as well as R&D. institutes. The machine can perform a very uniform mixing of power or granular materials with good mobility.

Powder mixing equipment


  1. Multi-directional movement: Provides multiple points of mixing for better blending results compared to regular mixers.

  2. Well-designed shape: No dead corners, both inside and outside polished, allowing for easy material discharge and cleaning.

  3. Enclosed mixing: Ensures no contamination to the working environment and materials.

The HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer is a novel materials mixing machine suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light industry, and R&D institutes. It excels at achieving a highly uniform mixing of powders or granular materials with good mobility.

The mixer's multi-directional movement enables effective blending at multiple points, resulting in superior mixing uniformity compared to conventional mixers. Its well-designed shape eliminates dead corners, and the polished surfaces inside and outside the mixing tank facilitate easy material discharge and cleaning.

With an enclosed mixing design, the HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer ensures a contamination-free working environment and materials.

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Powder mixing equipment

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Volume of tank100 L200 L400 L600 L800 L1000 L
Max.load capacity75 L160 L320 L480 L640 L800 L
Max.load weight50 kg100 kg200 kg300 kg400 kg600 kg
Rotary speed of the Main shaftO-15 r/min
Power1.5Kw2.2Kw4Kw5.5 Kw7.5 Kw11 Kw
Weight500 kg800 kg1200 kg1500 kg2000 kg2500 kg

FAQ - Have any questions?

What is the capacity range of the HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer?

The capacity of the HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer typically ranges from 75L to 800L, accommodating varying batch sizes.

What materials can be mixed using the HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer?

This mixer is suitable for blending powders, granules, or similar materials used in pharmaceutical, food, or chemical industries.

How efficient is the mixing process with the HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer?

The HD Type Mixer ensures efficient blending due to its three-dimensional movement design, promoting thorough mixing and homogeneity.

Is the mixing process uniform and consistent with the HD Type Mixer?

Yes, the three-dimensional movement ensures uniform mixing, maintaining consistency across batches.

Can the HD Type Mixer handle fragile materials during mixing?

Yes, it's designed to mix delicate or fragile materials gently to prevent breakage or damage.

What safety features are integrated into the HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer?

Safety features may include emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and safety guards, ensuring secure operations.

How is the cleaning process for the HD Type Mixer?

The machine is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, with removable parts and accessible surfaces for efficient cleaning.

Can the mixing intensity or speed be adjusted or customized?

Yes, some models may allow for adjustable mixing intensity or speed based on specific material requirements.

Is the HD Type Mixer suitable for mixing materials with varying densities?

The mixer is often equipped to handle materials with different densities, ensuring thorough blending despite varying properties.

What technical support is provided with the purchase of the HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer?

Comprehensive technical support, including setup guidance, training, and ongoing assistance, is typically offered to ensure optimal use of the equipment.

Investment Return Analysis: Growth Prospects for HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer

Market Potential:

Industry Demand: The HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer caters to diverse industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals, meeting the increasing demand for efficient blending solutions.

Continual Growth: With industries continually expanding, the need for advanced mixing equipment to enhance production efficiency amplifies the demand for the HD Type Mixer.


Competitive Advantage:

Three-dimensional Mixing Design: The mixer's three-dimensional movement ensures thorough blending, offering an edge over conventional mixers.

Versatility: Its capability to blend various dry materials, including fragile substances, makes it versatile for different industry applications, widening its market appeal.


Technological Advancements:

Innovation Potential: Future enhancements or technological upgrades could improve its efficiency and adaptability, ensuring its competitiveness.

R&D Investment: Continued research and development efforts may lead to improved functionalities and increased market competitiveness.


Cost Efficiency:

Operational Cost Savings: Efficient mixing reduces production time and material wastage, contributing to cost savings over the long term.

Resource Optimization: Its ability to handle various materials optimizes resource utilization, aligning with sustainable manufacturing practices.



Investing in the HD Type Three-dimensional Mixer offers promising returns as it aligns with the escalating demand for efficient and versatile mixing solutions across multiple industries. Its competitive advantages in efficiency, versatility, and potential technological advancements position it favorably for significant market uptake.

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