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Wet Granulation Fluidized Bed Drying Line

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Wet Granulation Fluidized Bed Drying Line is a specialized production setup used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It involves a process where wet granules, formed through wet granulation, undergo drying within a fluidized bed system. This process helps in converting damp granules into free-flowing dry granules suitable for further processing, such as tablet compression.



Effective Wet Granulation: Efficiently forming uniform and consistent wet granules through the wet granulation process.

Thorough Drying Process: Ensuring complete and uniform drying of wet granules to achieve desired moisture content and free-flowing properties.

Controlled Drying Conditions: Maintaining specific temperature and airflow parameters to prevent overheating or overdrying during the fluidized bed drying process.

Product Quality and Compliance: Ensuring the dried granules meet quality standards and regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Specialized Wet Granulation Equipment: Integration of equipment dedicated to the wet granulation process, ensuring uniform granule formation.

Fluidized Bed Drying Technology: Incorporation of fluidized bed dryers equipped with precise temperature and airflow controls for effective and uniform drying.

Process Monitoring and Control: Utilization of monitoring systems to track and regulate temperature, airflow, and drying time for optimal drying conditions.

Quality Assurance Measures: Implementation of quality checks and inspections to verify the moisture content and characteristics of the dried granules, ensuring compliance with quality standards.

Wet Granulation Fluidized Bed Drying Line provides an essential solution in pharmaceutical manufacturing, facilitating the transformation of wet granules into free-flowing dry granules through an effective and controlled drying process, crucial for subsequent processing steps.


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Wet Granulation Fluidized Bed Drying Line

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