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Tablet Capsule Counter

GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter

Efficiently count and accurately fill capsules with our advanced capsule counter machine, streamlining production and ensuring dosage precision.

GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter

Wide applicability: Counts and fills various solid forms.

Accurate counting: Utilizes photoelectric sensors.

Anti-dust performance: Works reliably in dusty conditions.

High automation: Detects and removes irregularities.

Easy operation: Intuitive menu with customizable settings.

Easy maintenance: Simple cleaning and part replacement.

Supporting functions: Bottle absence detection and auto-stop.

Optional features: Special hopper and dust-proof system available.




The GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter is suitable for counting and filling tablets (including abnormal tablets), capsules, gels (including abnormal gels, transparent gels, and opaque gels), pills, and most solid granules.


32-Tunnel Vibration Feeding: Ensures even and non-breakage feeding of materials with a special patent filling part.

Anti-Dust Technology: Works accurately and stably even in heavy dust conditions, thanks to the high anti-dust sensor technology.

Accurate Counting: Utilizes photoelectric sensor automatic counting, meeting national standards for counting accuracy.

Special Hopper Structure: Prevents material jamming and enables quick bottling, even for small-mouth bottles (optional).

High Degree of Automation: Automatically detects and removes abnormal fillings, broken tablets of certain sizes, and stops working in case of errors with self-diagnosis and alarm functions.

Supporting Functions: Automatically detects the lack of bottles using a photoelectric sensor and stops operation.

Easy Operation: Features an intelligent design with a Chinese or Chinese-English menu, allowing easy setting of various operation parameters. It can store up to 10 sets of parameters for convenience.

Easy Maintenance: Workers can easily remove, clean, and change parts without the need for tools, reducing downtime.

Sealing Dust Proof (optional): Equipped with a dust-remove box to minimize dust pollution.

The GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter is a highly versatile machine designed for precise counting and filling of tablets, capsules, gels, pills, and solid granules. It features 32-tunnel vibration feeding and a special patent filling part to ensure even and non-breakage feeding of materials. The machine operates accurately and stably, even in heavy dust conditions, thanks to its high anti-dust sensor technology. It achieves reliable and accurate counting through photoelectric sensor automatic counting, with bottling error rates below national standards. The machine offers various supporting functions such as automatic detection of bottle absence and abnormal fillings, as well as self-diagnosis and error alarm functions. It is easy to operate, with an intelligent design and customizable operation parameters. Maintenance is simplified, with easy removal, cleaning, and part replacement procedures that require no tools. Optional features include a special hopper structure for small-mouth bottles and a sealing dust-proof system with a dust-remove box.

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 Application 00-5# capsules, soft gels, ф5.5-15 normal tablets, ф3-12 pillsspecial shape tablets, coating tablets,and some other solid granules
 Capacity 40~120 BPM (subject to the type and size of the bottle,as well as the quantity filled per bottle)
 Working Range2-9999
 Power supply and consumption220V/50HZ 2.2kw
 Pressed Air Supply0.6 Mpa

FAQ - Have any questions?

What is the purpose of the GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter?

The GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter is designed to accurately count tablets and capsules in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, ensuring efficient and precise packaging processes.

What types of tablets and capsules can the GS-32 counter handle?

The GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter can handle a wide range of tablets and capsules, including various sizes, shapes, and materials.

How does the GS-32 counter achieve accurate counting?

The GS-32 utilizes advanced electronic counting technology, such as optical sensors and precise mechanisms, to ensure accurate tablet and capsule counting. It can be adjusted for different sizes and shapes to achieve optimal counting accuracy.

What is the counting speed of the GS-32 counter?

The counting speed of the GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter can vary depending on factors such as tablet/capsule size, product characteristics, and desired throughput. It is designed for high-speed counting to maximize productivity.

Can the GS-32 counter handle fragile and delicate tablets or capsules?

Yes, the GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter is designed to handle fragile and delicate tablets and capsules with care. It employs gentle handling mechanisms to minimize the risk of damage during the counting process.

Is the GS-32 counter suitable for small-scale or large-scale production?

The GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter is versatile and can be used for both small-scale and large-scale production. Its adjustable counting parameters and high-speed capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of production volumes.

Does the GS-32 counter offer customization options?

Yes, the GS-32 counter often provides customization options to meet specific customer requirements. It may include adjustable counting settings, user-defined batch sizes, and integration capabilities with other packaging equipment.

What is the footprint of the GS-32 counter?

The footprint of the GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter can vary depending on the specific model and configuration. It is designed to be compact and space-efficient, optimizing floor space in production facilities.

Is the GS-32 counter easy to operate and maintain?

Yes, the GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter is designed for user-friendly operation. It typically features intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, making it easy to set up and operate. Maintenance requirements are generally minimal and include routine cleaning and calibration.

Can the GS-32 counter integrate with other packaging equipment?

Yes, the GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter can be seamlessly integrated into existing packaging lines. It is designed to connect with other equipment such as bottling machines, capping machines, or labeling systems, providing a complete packaging solution. It's important to note that specific features and capabilities of the GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.

Investment Return Analysis for GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter

Investing in the GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter presents a promising opportunity with strong potential for future development. Here's an analysis of the investment return based on key factors:


Growing Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries: The pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries are experiencing significant growth globally, driven by increasing healthcare awareness and demand for supplements. The GS-32 counter caters to these industries by providing accurate tablet and capsule counting solutions, positioning it for substantial market demand.


Efficiency and Accuracy: The GS-32 counter utilizes advanced electronic counting technology, ensuring precise and efficient counting processes. Its ability to handle a wide range of tablet and capsule sizes enhances its versatility and market appeal. By automating the counting process, the counter reduces labor costs, minimizes errors, and improves overall operational efficiency.


Regulatory Compliance and Quality Control: The GS-32 counter helps maintain regulatory compliance and product quality control. Accurate counting ensures consistent dosing in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, minimizing the risk of dosage errors and ensuring patient safety. This feature enhances customer trust and reduces the likelihood of product recalls or regulatory issues.


Market Demand for Packaging Solutions: As the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries continue to expand, the demand for efficient packaging solutions grows. The GS-32 counter's ability to streamline the tablet and capsule counting process aligns with this market demand, making it an essential component of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging lines.


Return on Investment (ROI): The GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter has the potential to generate a significant return on investment. By increasing production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and minimizing counting errors, the counter contributes to improved profitability. The exact ROI will depend on factors such as market demand, pricing strategy, operational efficiency, and market penetration.


Technological Advancements: The GS-32 counter can leverage ongoing technological advancements to enhance its capabilities. As technology evolves, the counter can incorporate features such as improved sensors, connectivity options, or advanced data management systems. These advancements ensure long-term relevance and competitiveness in the market.


After-Sales Service and Support: A reliable after-sales service and support system can enhance the investment return. Providing timely technical assistance, spare parts availability, and training programs ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty. Strong customer support contributes to the counter's long-term performance and customer retention.


Market Expansion Opportunities: The GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter can capitalize on market expansion opportunities as the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries continue to grow. By adapting to changing customer needs, exploring new market segments, and expanding product offerings, the counter can tap into additional revenue streams and drive sustained growth.


Competitive Advantage: With its advanced electronic counting technology and ability to handle various tablet and capsule sizes, the GS-32 counter offers a competitive advantage in the market. Its reputation for accuracy, efficiency, and reliability attracts customers seeking high-quality packaging solutions, contributing to market share and profitability.


Industry Trends and Regulations: Staying aligned with industry trends and regulations is crucial for sustained success. The GS-32 counter's ability to adapt to evolving regulations and meet industry standards positions it as a reliable and compliant solution, ensuring long-term market relevance and viability.


To conduct a comprehensive investment return analysis, it is essential to consider factors such as initial investment costs, operational expenses, sales projections, market trends, competition, and potential risks. Engaging with industry experts, potential customers, and conducting thorough market research will provide valuable insights to support the investment decision and optimize the investment return for the GS-32 Tablet Capsule Electronic Counter.

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