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NOAH's Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical Machinery Showcased at CIPM 2023 (Spring)

Showcasing cutting-edge pharmaceutical machinery at industry exhibitions.

NOAH's Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical Machinery Showcased at CIPM 2023 (Spring)

Mar. 23, 2024


CIPM 2023 (Spring), the 62nd National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, witnessed an impressive display of advanced pharmaceutical machinery by NOAH, a prominent participant in the event. With a diverse range of products designed to revolutionize pharmaceutical production, NOAH proved to be a leading innovator in the industry. Let's delve into the exceptional lineup of NOAH's exhibition products that left a lasting impression on attendees.

Tablet Press:

At CIPM 2023, NOAH showcased its state-of-the-art tablet press machines. Designed for precision and efficiency, these machines offer seamless tablet production, ensuring uniformity and consistent quality. With cutting-edge technology and advanced control systems, NOAH's tablet press machines enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to streamline their production processes and meet the highest industry standards.

NOAH's Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical Machinery Showcased at CIPM 2023 (Spring)

Coating Machine:

NOAH's coating machines demonstrated their ability to deliver superior coating results at the expo. These machines provide a precise and uniform coating on tablets, ensuring optimal drug release and protection. With customizable settings and advanced features, NOAH's coating machines offer pharmaceutical companies the flexibility to meet specific coating requirements and enhance the overall product quality.

Tablet/Capsule Counter:

NOAH's innovative tablet/capsule counting machines stole the spotlight at CIPM 2023. These machines accurately count and fill tablets or capsules into containers, significantly improving efficiency and reducing manual labor. Equipped with intelligent counting technology and user-friendly interfaces, NOAH's counting machines ensure precise and reliable counting operations, contributing to streamlined packaging processes.

Blister Packing Machine:

NOAH's blister packing machines showcased their ability to package pharmaceutical products securely and efficiently. These machines create blister packs that protect medications from external factors while maintaining their integrity. With advanced features such as automatic feeding, sealing, and labeling, NOAH's blister packing machines offer pharmaceutical companies a reliable packaging solution that complies with industry standards.

NOAH's Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical Machinery Showcased at CIPM 2023 (Spring)

Filling and Packing Machine:

NOAH's filling and packing machines impressed attendees with their versatility and efficiency. These machines can handle a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including liquids, powders, and granules. With precise filling and sealing mechanisms, NOAH's machines ensure accurate dosing and secure packaging, allowing pharmaceutical manufacturers to optimize their production processes and meet market demands effectively.

Capsule Machine:

NOAH's capsule machines demonstrated their ability to encapsulate medications with precision and speed. These machines offer efficient filling and sealing of capsules, ensuring consistent dosage and tamper-proof packaging. With customizable capsule sizes and user-friendly controls, NOAH's capsule machines provide pharmaceutical companies with a reliable solution for encapsulation needs.


CIPM 2023 (Spring) provided a platform for NOAH to showcase its cutting-edge pharmaceutical machinery, leaving a lasting impression on industry professionals and attendees. With a comprehensive lineup of products including tablet presses, coating machines, tablet/capsule counters, blister packing machines, filling and packing machines, and capsule machines, NOAH reaffirmed its position as a leader in the pharmaceutical machinery industry. By providing innovative solutions that enhance productivity, quality, and efficiency, NOAH continues to play a vital role in advancing pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

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