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CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine

Enhance your pharmaceutical manufacturing process with our versatile Auxiliary Machine, providing essential support and efficiency for a seamless production workflow.

CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine

Efficient Polishing: Efficiently polishes tablets.

Versatile: Suitable for various tablet shapes and sizes.

Easy Operation: User-friendly interface.

Gentle Handling: Prevents tablet damage.

Adjustable Parameters: Customizable polishing settings.

High Capacity: Handles large tablet volumes.

Compact Design: Space-saving and versatile.

Easy Maintenance: Simple upkeep with accessible parts.


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The CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine is specifically designed for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. It is used to polish and remove dust from compressed tablets produced by tablet presses. This machine ensures the tablets' cleanliness, improves their appearance, and enhances the overall quality of the final product. It is an essential tool for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other industries where the visual appearance and cleanliness of tablets are critical.

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High Output Efficiency: Rapid processing of a large number of tablets for improved productivity.

Effective Dust Removal: High dust removal rate, ensuring cleanliness and appearance of tablets.

Reliable Sealing: Prevents dust contamination, maintaining tablet quality.

Low Noise Operation: Smooth and quiet operation for a comfortable working environment.

Easy Maintenance: Designed for easy cleaning and upkeep, prolonging service life.

Adjustable Speed Control: Allows optimization of the polishing process.

Compatible with Dust Suction or Blowing Device: Optional integration for enhanced dust removal capabilities.

The CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine is designed and manufactured to remove dust and debris from compressed tablets produced by tablet presses. It can be used in conjunction with various types of tablet presses, offering high output efficiency, high dust removal rate, reliable sealing, low noise operation, easy maintenance, and adjustable speed control. The machine can be equipped with a dust suction or blowing device for enhanced performance. It finds wide application in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food processing. The performance indicators of this machine meet or exceed those of similar products from international manufacturers.

Finished Product Display

tablet finishing equipment
Tablet Polishing Machine
tablet finishing equipment
Tablet Polishing Machine


Maximum film yield Maximum noise550,000 tablets per hour
(φ6 wafer test data)
Tablet removal distance<82 dB 
Suction air pressure3m 
Power source0.2 Mpa 
Overall dimension220V/50Hz/50W 
Main engine weight410x410x880 mm 
Maximum film yield36 kg

FAQ - Have any questions?

What is the CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine used for?

The CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine is specifically designed for polishing and cleaning tablets, providing a smooth and glossy finish to enhance their appearance.

What types of tablets can be polished using the CFQ-300?

The CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine can polish a wide range of tablets, including pharmaceutical tablets, nutraceuticals, herbal supplements, and confectionery tablets.

How does the CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine work?

The CFQ-300 utilizes a rotating polishing drum and adjustable polishing pads to gently polish the tablets. The tablets are fed into the machine, and as they rotate within the drum, the polishing pads remove surface imperfections and apply a shine.

Does the CFQ-300 affect the integrity or composition of the tablets?

No, the CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine is designed to polish tablets without affecting their integrity or composition. It only focuses on surface polishing and does not alter the tablet's core properties.

Can the CFQ-300 handle different tablet sizes and shapes?

Yes, the CFQ-300 is designed to accommodate tablets of various sizes and shapes. It offers adjustable parameters to cater to different tablet dimensions and requirements.

Does the CFQ-300 produce any dust or debris during the polishing process?

The CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine is equipped with a dust extraction system that effectively captures any dust or debris generated during the polishing process, ensuring a clean working environment.

Is the CFQ-300 easy to operate and adjust?

Yes, the CFQ-300 is designed for user-friendliness. It features intuitive controls and adjustable settings, allowing operators to easily set up and adjust the machine for optimal polishing results.

What is the production capacity of the CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine?

The production capacity of the CFQ-300 depends on factors such as tablet size, polishing duration, and operator efficiency. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer for specific details on production capacity.

Can the CFQ-300 be integrated into existing tablet production lines?

Yes, the CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine can be integrated into existing tablet production lines. It can be connected to tablet presses or other equipment to create a seamless and efficient production flow.

How can I ensure the longevity and performance of the CFQ-300?

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the CFQ-300, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines, conduct regular cleaning and inspections, and use genuine spare parts as necessary.

Investment Return Analysis: CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine

Growing Demand for Polished Tablets: The global market for tablets, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and confectionery products, is experiencing significant growth. The CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine caters to this demand, making it an attractive investment opportunity with a positive growth outlook.


Enhanced Tablet Appearance: The CFQ-300 offers advanced polishing capabilities, providing tablets with a smooth and glossy finish. This enhances their overall appearance, making them more visually appealing to consumers and potentially increasing market acceptance.


Improved Product Quality: The CFQ-300 ensures consistent and uniform polishing of tablets, removing surface imperfections and blemishes. This results in improved product quality, enhancing customer satisfaction and brand reputation.


Versatile Application Opportunities: The CFQ-300 can handle various types of tablets, accommodating different sizes and shapes. This versatility expands the potential customer base and increases market reach across multiple industries.


Integration with Existing Production Lines: The CFQ-300 can be seamlessly integrated into existing tablet production lines, minimizing the need for significant operational changes. This integration enhances overall production efficiency and reduces downtime.


Cost Savings and Efficiency: Investing in the CFQ-300 can lead to cost savings and increased efficiency. The machine's automated polishing process reduces the need for manual labor, saving on labor costs. Additionally, the removal of surface imperfections can reduce product waste and material costs.


Compliance with Quality Standards: The CFQ-300 is designed to meet stringent quality standards in the pharmaceutical and related industries. Compliance with regulations and quality control requirements enhances product integrity, customer trust, and market acceptance.


Long-Term Investment: The CFQ-300 is a durable and reliable machine designed for long-term use. With proper maintenance and care, it can provide consistent performance and deliver a return on investment over an extended period.


Competitive Advantage: By investing in the CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine, businesses can gain a competitive edge in the market. The machine's advanced polishing capabilities and ability to deliver high-quality, visually appealing tablets can differentiate products from competitors.


Return on Investment (ROI): Considering the growing demand for polished tablets, improved product quality, cost savings, and competitive advantages, the CFQ-300 Tablet Polishing Machine presents a promising investment opportunity. While the specific ROI may vary based on factors such as market conditions, pricing strategies, and production volume, a well-planned investment in the CFQ-300 can yield significant returns over time.


It is essential to conduct a comprehensive analysis based on specific business requirements, market conditions, and financial projections before making any investment decisions. Consulting with industry experts and evaluating the machine's performance track record can provide valuable insights for a more accurate investment return analysis.

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