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Pharmaceutical pill counting production line

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Pharmaceutical Pill Counting Production Line is a specialized system used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for precise counting and packaging of pills or tablets. These production lines are essential in pharmaceutical facilities where accurate dosage count and packaging are critical to ensure medication safety and compliance.



Accuracy and Precision: The primary requirement is precise counting of capsules, pills or tablets to meet specific dosage requirements and packaging standards.

High Throughput: Ability to handle large quantities of pills efficiently to meet market demand without compromising accuracy.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring product quality and safety by implementing rigorous checks for correct counting and packaging.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Capability to handle various pill sizes, shapes, and types to accommodate different medications.


Automated Pill Counting Systems: Integration of advanced counting machines equipped with sensors and precision technology to accurately count pills or tablets.

Packaging Automation: Automated packaging systems to efficiently package the counted pills into containers, bottles.

Quality Control Mechanisms: Implementation of quality control checks at multiple stages of the production line to verify accurate counting and packaging.

Customizable Settings: Systems designed with settings that can be adjusted for different pill sizes and types, ensuring versatility in production.

Pharmaceutical Pill Counting Production Line offers a solution that ensures precise counting and packaging of pills or tablets, meeting pharmaceutical industry standards for medication accuracy and safety.


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NOAH, located in Yangzhou, spans 30,000 square meters with a 20,000-square-meter production workshop. We're a scientific enterprise focusing on pharmaceutical, food, and chemical machinery. Through ongoing innovation, we collaborate with universities for product development, boasting a team of experienced technicians.

Pharmaceutical pill counting production line

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